What is a “Fractional CMO”?

An effective CMO in a technology-driven business does far more that just manage marketing. They must draw on extensive engineering knowledge, usually gained from many years in R&D management, combined with time spent marketing technologies as well as products to customers both externally and often internally within their organisations. Indeed, experienced CMOs influence most aspects of any business, especially sales and product development, as well as marketing and strategy.

The “Fractional CMO” (“FCMO”) concept enables small to medium sized companies to have access to a highly experienced executive with more than 37 years experience in both R&D management and marketing management, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time senior executive. This enables fast-growing and dynamic companies to add tremendous breadth of experience cost-effectively. The FCMO can also act as a valuable sounding board for new ideas and strategies, act as a mentor for less experienced or recently promoted staff, and generally as a source of inspiration for your business.All services available from the FCMO are extremely flexible, including such tasks as:

Email/phone response: Responses to emails or phone calls at any time regarding any aspect of operations of your company where TKSP may be able to offer insight or expertise

Marketing support: assisting the marketing team with tasks such as event planning and execution; presentations; collateral planning; social media leverage etc

Press support: working with your in-house team and/or your PR partners; meeting with press supporting your staff

Sales support: working with sales to close specific business, and where appropriate joining sales staff on customer visits

Strategy support: working with the executive team to refine business and/or product strategies

External meetings: work withyour sales, marketing or engineering staff to prepare for and even join key meetings with customers or partners

Internal Meetings: Join meetings to add experienced insight and advice, either by phone or in person

Creation of collateral: content creation, which many include PRs, blogs, articles, web content, powerpoint presentations, block diagrams or interviews

Mentoring: advice to individuals within your company regarding professional behaviours, managing workload, managing work/life balance, dealing with staff, dealing with superiors, or other topics as needed

Research: studying market areas, industry issues or other topics and creating reports or other material as appropriate

Business modelling: assisting in the creation of models using spreadsheets to simulate one or more aspects of the business

Project management: management of some or all aspects of internal projects, outsourced partners, ecosystems or other projects as required