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With more than 37 years as a senior executive in a wide range of multi-national technology companies, I can help your team plan and execute the marketing and business strategies your company needs to promote your products and technologies to the hands-on engineers and managers that really matter to your business. I work in the language of engineering and technologies, not marketing or PR speak!

Who is TKS?


My experience spans an extraordinarily diverse range of markets, engineering disciplines, business models and scenarios, and management styles and cultures. Key skills:

  • technology marketing
  • product and sales strategy
  • branding and trademarks
  • product life cycle


Messaging and Go To Market Strategy: messaging and marketing plan for a company changing its strategy and target market

Pricing and Business Model: Comprehensive pricing structure and interactive business model

Design to Production Supply Chain: Electronics supply chain analysis from design to volume shipment & support

Technology Marketing Training: Training a PR company how executives actually think, and what they actually do

About client projects



If you would like to discuss further how I can help you, then please do get in touch.

Email: tony@kingsmith.tech

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/tony-king-smith-tksp

Mobile: +44 7392 844727